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Commercial Pest Control 

Safe and Risk Free Commercial Pest Control Services in Tricity & Ludhiana

Pests cause structural damage to the homes and businesses and create serious health concerns to people that could generate huge consequences on your brand reputation and bottom line. Almost every industry has some pest challenges, so here we come up with a number of commercial pest control in Chandigarh for a variety of pests.

We offer our pest control services to the following industries:

  1. ​Restaurants/Cafes/Snackbars/Bakeries

  2. Bars/Hotels/Banquets/Resorts

  3. Shopping Centres/Malls/Supermarkets

  4. Food Manufacturers/Processing Plants

  5. Hospitals/Nursing Homes/labs

  6. Schools

  7. Institutional sites

  8. All type of Industries pharmaceutical, food processing, packaging etc..

  9. Building construction sites

  10. Warehouses

  11. Markets/Food Outlets


Commercial Pest Control Services

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Post Construction Termite Control

Protect your investment & nsafeguard your property from these silent but destructive pests


Cockroach Control

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy, and seal any cracks or crevices where cockroaches may enter


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Ant Control

Our pest control services use safe and effective methods to eliminate a wide range of pests, including ants.


Pre Construction Termite Control

Don't let termites compromise the integrity of your new construction project.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing an area, such as a garden or balcony

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Bed Bug Control

We offer bed bug detection and monitoring services to catch infestations early


Anti Termite


Say goodbye to the worry of underground termite damage with anti-termite piping.


We offer a range of mosquito control options tailored to your specific needs, including fogging, larviciding, and barrier treatments.


Garden Pest Control

Our garden pest control services use safe and effective methods to eliminate a wide range of pests that can damage your plants

Commercial Pest Control

We proivde commercial pest control services in chandigarh, panchkula, mohali and ludhiana. Book a visit for you office ware house or factory today.

Why AntiPest?


Help you in Pest control and keep your property safe.

Termite Control

Our Anti Termite Treatment keeps termites far far away.


We provide certified and effective products and keep you safe.


We provide the best & fastest antipest solutions in the Tricity. 

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