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Bed Bug Control


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The bedbug is found worldwide. It is associated with human habitation, hiding in furniture and structural cracks and crevices, emerging at night when hungry to search for blood for meals. Although they do not seem to be involved with any serious disease transmission, the bite of bed bugs in the night can prove very irritating, even unbearable at times.

About Bed Bugs

•Bed bugs can have 10,000 babies in three months.
•An adult bed bug can survive 550 days without food.
•New York City has gone from 82 infestations in 2004 to 4,088 in 2009.
•Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but may cause symptoms including rash, psychological distress, and insomnia.
•They feed principally on human blood by piercing the skin with a long beak and sucking blood into their stomachs.
•They feed mostly at night, but will feed during the day if hungry and the light is dim.
•Their presence is indicated by leaving blood stained smears on walls, sheets, pillows and other light-colored surfaces.
•Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate and best to avoid.

Our Pest Solution Products

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AntiPest Solutions Service

Antipest professionals begin by inspecting hiding places in which cockroaches might live in the process of cockroach control Service in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Zirakpur which might include electric motors, electronic equipment, false ceilings, wall voids, and accessible cracks and voids, and then start with proper treatment to prevent cockroaches from entering your premises.

Why Antipest Solution?


Help you in Pest control and keep your property safe.

Termite Control

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We provide the best & fastest antipest solutions in the Tricity. 

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