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Termite Calculator

Calculate the TERMITE RISK to your home and property and call us for a professional termite inspection on 09915644333, 09417769697
YES = 2 NO=1

No Detail Yes No
1 Do you have timber skirting
2 Do you have timber door frames
3 Do you have timber flooring
4 Do you have wooden pantry cupboards
5 Do you have wooden wall cupboards fixed to the walls
6 Is the area below the staircase used as a storage area
7 Do you have plants along the outer perimeter of the structure
8 Have you stored wood along the outer perimeter of the walls
9 Have you GRADE the soil so that the water will run away from the foundation
10 Do you have any water leaks + plumbing
11 Do you have roof gutters
12 If you have gutters, have you connected it to the gullies
13 Do you have a drainage system in place
14 If yes- is it at least 2 feet away from the main wall
15 Do you use mulch
16 Do you have a basement
17 Is the plumbing within 1 feet away from structure
18 Are the electric conduits underground
19 Do you have trees within 2 feet of the structure
20 Is the home build on filled soil
21 Is the water table high (Rainy Season 3 Feet / Dry Season 8 Feet)

Score Result
36-42 Extremly High Risk
30-35 High Risk
20-29 Moderate Risk
00-20 Low Risk

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